Welcome to The Reviewer, where our mission is to review anything/everything imaginable. Here is an incomplete list of things we’ll review:

  • Movies
  • Television
  • Music
  • Theater
  • Personal interactions
  • Things in, you know, the zeitgeist
  • Specific feelings about Tony Kushner’s Angels in America
  • An email you received
  • An email I received
  • A date you’ve been on
  • The attractiveness of that waiter
  • An interpersonal interaction at a job you had once where you know you were in the right and you’re just looking for the confirmation of some strangers who are also America’s most important reviewers of things
  • Things
  • Food you ate
  • Food you want to eat
  • Food you shouldn’t eat
  • That creepy house you walk by sometimes where you’re sure there’s a “Room” situation happening
  • The novel “Room”
  • Etc.

Reviews are posted periodically and are absolutely final (unless we change our mind). What we say is the definitive said thing about a thing that we’ve reviewed. Have an item you’d like reviewed? Email us at: thereviewer.wales@gmail.com

The Reviewer. Let us decide if it was worth it.


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